Feedback Foundation is one of India’s leading providers of sustainable solutions in development projects across rural and urban India. In the last ten years, using the approach of community engagement, Feedback Foundation has worked across many Indian cities and districts providing capacity building, planning and implementation support to public, private and international agencies. Feedback Foundation is associated with Feedback Infra, which is India’s leading integrated infrastructure services company.

Feedback Foundation works on difficult subjects, in difficult and faraway locations, and using the slow-and- difficult, but ultimately sustainable, path of behavioural change and empowered communities. Its 65 experienced professionals spend their early mornings, days and evenings in remote villages and slums or in municipal and corporate offices to help clients (government ministries, international development agencies, large PSUs, municipal corporations and private foundations) achieve their governance and CSR goals.


Why Sanitation and Hygiene?

Improved sanitation and adherence to hygiene and safe water can help transform lives, accelerate economic growth, enhance people’s dignity and create a better future for all. Sanitation also makes a positive contribution towards family literacy. According to a UNICEF study, for every 10 per cent increase in female literacy, a country’s economy can grow by 0.3 per cent. Thus, sanitation directly contributes towards social and economic development of the society and also helps to transform the environment.

Besides encouraging universal toilet use, Feedback Foundation realizes that hygiene behaviour change is essential to make a substantial and sustainable impact on public health. Part of the problem is that for too long, the society has invested in sanitation infrastructure that doesn’t work for everyone. Toilets serve their purpose only when they are used. It is, therefore, important to address barriers at various levels including discrimination, infrastructure, geography, education and awareness.

Feedback Foundation works at the grassroots level across villages and districts, engages with the communities, both rural and urban, and empowers them to execute programs that would help transform their lives and serve as role models and change agents for the rest of the country. We strongly believe in engaging with the communities to bring about a behavioural change by focusing on changing mind-sets. Through awareness generation and knowledge dissemination, we equip people to make the right choices and informed decisions, thus enabling behaviour change.